About Bryony

I grew up as a free-range arty kid in a garden nursery on the edge of Exmoor in Somerset, U.K. After a degree in graphic design and a career as a designer in Brighton and London, I moved back to the westcountry to a life that included more time on and in the sea. 

Taking a course in stained glass leading and foiling meant I could make my paper designs and patterns into a 3D piece using the light and texture of glass to add movement and life. It is important to me to use irregular, textured glass and break up an image in a way that makes the colours and types of glass punchy but seamless when soldered together. My glass-work was initially inspired by pre-raphaelite paintings, colours and shapes, leaves, rare glass and colourful textile patterns. But the reality of daily making with a young family is that these days, I am inspired more by my vivid and colourful dreams and my contradictory caffeine fuelled enthusiasm for random music or films.

Stained glass working is a traditional craft that uses a large number of tools and techniques to produce a finished piece. Being mostly self-taught, there will always be more to learn and improve on.