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Interesting colour combinations and leaf shapes evolve into an idea for a piece. It could be a colourful cardigan next to a plant in the window or the combination of colours on a Vespa. These are collated in sketchbooks and on an Iphone, ready for working on in the studio. The finish of each roundel is representative of the maritime area of Falmouth. A porthole shaped design hung with maritime chandlery.

Design: Bryony's designs are drawn free-hand. Designs are drawn from life or from photos of interesting leaf compositions seen out and about.

Glass choice: There are many shades and textures of glass available to use and due to being in the South-West of the UK, the ability to view and choose the specific colours of artisan glass can be a challenge. Some glass is blown by mouth by skilled artisans in a small town in Germany. Once blown into a globe, it is flattened and rolled out flat, giving the glass the irregular textures and patterns on the glass.

Cutting: Glass cutting hand tool and a free-hand approach tracing over the design.

Grinding: A glass grinding machine, mask and goggles are used to take all the rough edges off each individual piece of the design. The aim is to get the pieces to fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle.

Wash: The process involves a stage of washing and polishing in between stages of grinding, sticking, soldering and blackening. This helps to keep each element away from the next and prevents damaging the glass surface and skin.

Foiling: Sticking sticky backed copper around every edge of every piece. This has to be pressed into the glass so it is stuck tight, using a a custom made plastic burnisher.

Flux and solder: Bryony solders each piece of the glass jigsaw together. A liquid flux allows the melted lead based metal to run where the copper foil is placed.

Final soldering: Wash. solder lead came around the edge. Make and solder on hanging rings.

Patina: To obtain black lines and a graphic style to the designs, metal oxide is painted along the silver solder which blackens it.

Finish: Metal rings are handmade and soldered to the final framed roundel. After polishing, the piece is hung with strong steel wire and copper crimpers.

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